Ben Richardson

Managing Partner

Ben Richardson is a co-founder of CF and leader of the company’s work in life sciences, healthcare analytics and digital for both national and international clients. He works with clients across health and care to help them achieve the triple aim of better care and better experience at a lower cost.

A global leader in integrated care, payment innovation, analytics and the use of information, Ben has helped to deliver measurable results in care including primary care, community care, mental health and acute care.

Previously, Ben was a senior partner at McKinsey and leader of the integrated care and payment innovation service line in Europe. He is an expert in innovative care models operating across the world, having worked on four continents.

Key areas of expertise

  • * Deep understanding of global health systems, helping them innovate and develop sustainable change
  • * Performing in value-based reimbursement environments
  • * Integrating care with design and implementation of a model of care
  • * Exploiting the power of big data with creation of integrated datasets and application of advanced analytics
  • * Developing place-based strategies to address the social determinants of health
  • * Aligning leaders behind a common vision for collective impact
  • * Helping organisations partner with health systems to drive uptake of research and product innovation



  • * Master’s, Public Policy, International Economics, Harvard University
  • * A.B., Ancient History, Magna cum Laude, Princeton University


Example client projects

UK: Ben was the architect of the first Primary Care Networks in the country in 2006 for improved management of population health. The work delivered a 20 per cent improvement in diabetic control, screening, patient satisfaction, access and productivity of GPs and CHS providers in one of London's most deprived boroughs

Ben led the development of an integrated care programme covering 500,000 people; including redesigning incentives and developed robust information governance arrangements used to this day to identify and target individuals for coordinated care programmes across north-west London

Gulf Healthcare: Assessed the opportunity to improve value in the health system in the Gulf. Work included identifying areas for greatest improvement and developed plan for implementation

Australia: Supported collaborative working co-design a new model for diabetes based on best practice. Developed five interventions that were piloted alongside the existing care model including integrated information, changes in the funding model, and introducing care facilitators

USA: Developed a multi-stakeholder process to form an ambitious plan to improve health and financial sustainability. Aligned payors behind a plan to agree with payment model reform so providers get paid for keeping patients healthy rather than for treating illness or injury alone

Life sciences: Supported life sciences company to develop a new partnership approach with the NHS to maximise health gain and contribute to improved affordability

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