Our service can be procured through the G-Cloud framework.

The G-Cloud framework is an agreement between the government and suppliers who provide cloud-based services.

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Our G-Cloud Tools

Population Segmentation Explorer

Our Population Segmentation Explorer is a web-based analytical tool that identifies cohorts with similar needs, allowing practice, locality, CCG or STP teams to understand resource consumption for each, supporting the development of new care models, patient enrolment, and capitated payments.

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Maturity Matrix

The Integrated Care Delivery Maturity Matrix can be used to understand progress in population health management. Our structured survey supports client to self-assess how advanced health and care systems are in adopting evidenced-based care models, putting enablers in place and achieving impact. Systems scoring better on the maturity matrix have demonstrated improvements in performance (e.g. reduction in non-elective admissions among older people).

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Demand, Capacity and Flow (DCF) tool

The Carnall Farrar Demand, Capacity and Flow (DCF) tool supports a strategic approach to managing urgent and emergency care (UEC) demand, capacity, flow and performance. By integrating data from across health and social care into a ‘single version of the truth’, it reflects interdependencies and enables joined-up planning. Using a cloud platform, users can forecast demand, test different assumptions, and see the impact on system performance.

Read more about our Maturity Matrix in Our Tools