Empowering the front line to improve performance and productivity.


Extra NHS funding provides an opportunity to address the clinical and financial challenges facing the NHS. These extra resources must be used to unlock productivity and drive up performance.

Clinical leaders need to be the ones driving these improvements. In turn they need the active involvement of their front line staff in the design and implementation of the solutions, the active support of the Trust leadership and full alignment with the goals of the wider system.

The CF model is designed around the triple aim of securing system alignment; clarity for Trust leadership on the metrics and impact; and the empowerment of the front line. We help our clients use the tools developed by NHSI and others and we ensure that good practice is shared and adopted. Our specialism is that as ‘NHS people’ we understand the drivers for all parts of the system and we help our clients ensure that people at all levels are bought-in to the same vision and plan.


Our model is set out below:



Our offer


We are focussing on six support packages:

  1. Improving hospital flow – support to improve length of stay 
  2. Improving theatre productivity – delivering improved throughput
  3. Improving outpatient productivity – better use of facilities and technology
  4. Reducing agency costs – introducing a break glass rate card to manage down costs
  5. Reducing hospital drug costs – introducing biosimilar solutions
  6. Getting more out of Model Hospital – using model hospital to drive change across an STP or within a Trust




If you are interested in the work we do in our performance and productivity service line, contact Jo for more information.


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