Informing the Data Strategy for a Multinational Pharmaceutical Company

A global pharmaceutical company has a huge ambition to harness the power of data globally and has developed a programme to drive investment in digital, data and analytics to support innovation across the Life Sciences product cycle. One national branch of this Pharma company aims to support enterprise-wide progress in leveraging data to achieve their key priorities.

What was the challenge?

Our client seeks to understand one national health system’s priorities for specific therapeutic areas and which applications of data would support these. Additionally, they aim to gain insight into the overall national healthcare data landscape. CF were commissioned to support the global Pharma company to understand the data landscape and the opportunity for collaboration with a health system across specific use cases of data.

What did we do?

CF undertook a programme of work which began with stakeholder engagement across the health system and within our client’s organisation. We engaged health system stakeholders within the national executive, health research hubs and with data platform providers to understand what the priority therapeutic areas were for the country and health system and which applications of data would be most impactful in driving improvements in these. Additionally, we explored the quality and granularity of health data available to support our client, including understanding data access protocols and testing of potential applications of data across the innovation cycle.

We developed 15 data use cases across the Pharma company’s therapeutic areas of focus. Considering synergies with health system priorities and the availability and quality of data, we narrowed this down to nine use cases and further developed these, with each driving impact either within the national market, globally, or having the ability to be scaled out. For each priority use cases, we considered: current challenges faced, purpose and benefit of a data-driven approach, who the data users are, required data and features.

Additionally, we provided recommendation on which data providers were best positioned to collaborate with our client on specific use cases based on data matureness, population coverage, information governance considerations, speed of access, and willingness to collaborate with the Life Sciences industry.

What was the impact?

Our outputs included recommendations provided over three opportunity horizons within the Pharma company’s therapeutic areas of focus. Here we explored the immediate-term opportunities to optimise the impact of core business and sowing seeds, the near-term impact to generate insights to drive decisions by investing in the right activity at the right time and the longer-term strategy for disruptive and innovative digital, data and analytics.

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