Building healthcare partnerships

Effective partnership development for sustainable healthcare delivery

The life sciences industry increasingly recognises the value of partnering with health systems to enhance patient outcomes with greater cost-effectiveness. These partnerships address shared objectives between Industry and health systems and operate above brand considerations. Despite their immense potential, these partnerships often encounter challenges arising from unclear objectives, a lack of structure and inadequate infrastructure resulting in slow progress.

Partnerships are inherently attractive for achieving health system visions, taking many forms:

  • Pharma initiated – catering to specific therapeutic areas or marketing agreements and conditional access arrangements
  • Health systems initiated – expediting research and development, access, data utilisation, digital technologies and AI
  • Policy initiatives – examining specific healthcare interventions and often developed in collaboration with think tanks and government

At CF, we specialise in crafting, enhancing, and managing these partnerships ensuring effectiveness and sustainability. We are experts at evaluation of existing partnerships to ensure their functionality, efficiency, and compliance with regulations. We are proud to have collaborated with multiple health systems, including the NHS across the devolved countries on both national and local levels, and in European and the Middle Eastern health systems, to provide a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies involved in fostering successful partnerships.

Our approach

Our approach is distinguished by our ability to understand the complexities of Healthcare Systems and life sciences independently and identifying where synergies might exist for collaboration. With a deep understanding of the core processes in life sciences, we grasp the relevant legal and regulatory frameworks, including the ABPI code of conduct, joint working principles, and information governance. Our team is well-versed in PRINCE2 methodologies and boasts extensive training and experience in data utilisation and manipulation. We prioritise shared experiences and work towards common goals, establishing robust programme arrangements. Whether for short, intensive efforts or long-term engagements, with or without data, our highly trained and expert staff are equipped to support you with collaborative and effective partnerships.

Our offer

We understand each programme or cross-organisation collaboration will have differing start points. However, given the breadth of programme management and delivery, we anticipate that each circumstance will benefit from one or more of the following:

We are experience in identifying and facilitating collaboration between parties. We work to define missions, allocate resources, and establish a sustainable model for intelligent project management. We outline the bespoke governance requirements for a specific project or programme and compare it to existing arrangements to identify opportunities for improvement.

We specialise in rapid yet in-depth reviews of existing arrangements, swiftly identifying inefficiencies and areas for improvement, ensuring that ongoing efforts align with the goals of intelligent project management and successful delivery of health partnerships.

We demonstrate ongoing commitment to delivery through our support services, ensuring seamless execution by allocating the right resources. We meticulously identify and anticipate risks through comprehensive risk logs and registers, enabling early mitigation efforts and alignment on necessary actions to drive the programme forward. Additionally, we establish effective reporting channels to inform stakeholders and support decision making.

We establish robust program reporting and dynamic dashboards that provide real-time insights, fostering transparency and informed decision-making by Industry and health system stakeholders.

We assess the effectiveness of programmes and partnerships through a comprehensive mixed methods approach, leveraging our data capabilities and extensive network of stakeholders across the Industry and in health system. This enables us to refine strategies and enhance outcomes, reinforcing our commitment to intelligent and successful delivery of health partnerships.

Our expert team

Ben Richardson

Dr Zahra Safarfashandi

Dr Jo Andrews

Pippa Hillard

Michael Ridgewell

Dr Neel Desai

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