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Annual cost of dementia is set to double in the next 15 years to an astonishing £90bn, report reveals

Analysis shows the cost of dealing with the disease has already reached £42billion a year.

Cost of dementia to UK could almost double to £91bn by 2040, study finds

‘Colossal’ costs of disease include health and social care as well as societal costs such as legal fees and lost economic consumption

Dementia to cost economy £90bn by 2040 as population ages

Bill will more than double unless action taken, research shows

Debating Pre-Election Healthcare: A conversation with CF

The impending general election is naturally creating increased uncertainty across sectors. With pressure mounting across the health service the future of the NHS will be at the core of every party’s manifesto.”

CF’s latest report with NHS Confederation featured in the Health Service Journal (HSJ)

ICSs spending more out-of-hospital ‘have 15pc less emergency admissions’ – Investing more in community care could save integrated care systems millions of pounds and significantly reduce acute demand, according to a report.”

The Sunday Times features CF’s analysis on the front page

UK trails Europeans for cancer survival rates and dementia care. Taxpayers are facing rising charges for deteriorating health care, says report.”

The New Statesman features CF’s latest report with NHS Confederation

NHS investment ‘would pay for itself fourteen times over’ Researchers have found that an extra £1bn of healthcare funding could lead to a £14bn gain for the economy.”

FT picks up CF’s latest research with NHS Confederation

“Increasing spending on the NHS results in a healthier population with higher levels of workforce participation”.

Revealed: The top-performing ICSs defying deprivation challenges

By Henry Anderson for the HSJ

A cluster of integrated care systems across the North of England has bucked the trend to deliver successful integration schemes and better patient outcomes despite high levels of deprivation, new analysis has found.

Our report on Cardiovascular disease and COVID-19

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CF in Financial Times’ best UK consultants list

We were awarded Bronze in Healthcare

We were named the second largest consumer of NHS data after IQVIA

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Our research alongside IPPR was used in questioning Matt Hancock

CF research on Ethnicity and Mortality

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