Healthcare enterprise value creation

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Healthcare holds the promise of long-term value creation, yet fulfilling this potential demands an appetite for innovation and transformation. Highly specialist, sector-specific knowledge is also required, to ensure that optimisations and productivity improvements are not just theoretical, but tangibly realised.

Our approach

CF has the highly specialist sector knowledge to support with this. Through our data-driven approach and deep industry expertise, we empower clients to make informed decisions that maximise value potential over the long term.

Experts in healthcare:

  • With over a decade of experience, we’ve completed 1,500+ engagements across the NHS, Life Sciences, and Health Investing sectors.
  • We possess a profound understanding of the NHS, and are adept at navigating the operational and commercial implications of change.
  • We are renowned for industry-leading thought leadership and innovation advice, and often collaborate with top healthcare and digital partners.

Reach and strength of industry relationships:

  • Our reach extends to 70% of ICSs, half of UK Trusts, and pharma companies, granting unparalleled access to Chairs, CEOs, and Boards.
  • Strategic advisor of choice – routinely hired by NHS executives, European private equity and the private healthcare sector
  • Our trusted relationships support outreach to the NHS, creating the right conditions for business development.

Award winning data services:

  • We have access to more healthcare data than any other company in the UK.
  • Our expertise in health systems and NHS financial sustainability with our data intelligence capabilities, uniquely qualifies us as advisors to the private sector.

Our enterprise value creation offer

Our award-winning health investing, data and health systems consulting teams are at the very forefront of advancements and change, and can bring value in the following ways:

  • Data-driven insights for value creation: our data scientists and analysts transform complex data into meaningful and actionable business intelligence. Through advanced analytical techniques we build a granular view of underlying performance, and benchmark this against industry peers. This helps remove the guesswork from operational productivity.
  • Operational insights for value creation: combining our data analysis with our unrivalled knowledge of healthcare, we critically assess areas that underpin financial performance and identify risks and opportunities for optimisation in a target business.
  • Strategic planning and implementation: working closely with you, we develop and execute rigorous value creation plans, informed by technology and new models of care. These inform internal investment decisions for maximum ROI. As part of this approach, our health systems consulting team supports the redesign of services for improved patient outcomes, productivity and enterprise value.
  • Comprehensive due diligence and financial modelling: our due diligence services assess market size and dynamics, providing deep business and clinical insights. We also carry out robust financial modelling to support financial sustainability initiatives and business planning.
  • Enhanced equity story and deal negotiation support: our value creation offer can be used to create a more impactful equity story for company sale, or to contribute towards an integration plan. This includes creating a value creation roadmap that serves as a future blueprint for increasing profitability and reducing costs. Private equity clients can leverage this roadmap to assess price suitability and ROI during deal negotiations.

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