Data and digital

Harnessing data and digital innovation to transform healthcare 

The NHS has the largest longitudinal linked data set in the world. The use of granular patient data can be used to understand needs, performance, productivity and quality across health systems. Innovations in data and digital create the potential to personalise services at the same time as making them more cost-effective. The adoption of new technologies including AI presents a once in a once-in-a-generation opportunity for transformation, but despite all these opportunities significant challenges exist in being able to effectively use data and digital to support healthcare delivery.

Our approach

Leverage our data and digital consulting capabilities to transform healthcare to improve outcomes and productivity. Our specialist skillset combines:

  • Access to more healthcare data than any other UK company with greater expertise in using it
  • Award-winning data analytics with the ability to create actionable insights
  • The application of advanced data science methods to enable predictive modelling and understand causal relationships
  • Information governance experience in how to navigate access to large data sets successfully and safely
  • A strong track record in supporting the rollout of digital technologies across large organisations including change management, training and adoptions work

Our Data Consulting and Digital Consulting offers

1. Data, digital and AI strategy: We evaluate capabilities and identify the changes required – in terms of operating models, workforce, data and technology – to enable you to get the most out of data, digital and AI assistance. Our assessments uncover opportunities for embedding best practice and leveraging technology and tools to maximise value. Following this we create realistic strategies and roadmaps, including digital investment options appraisals, guiding your transition to a data-driven culture that leverages the very latest technology.

2. Tech rollout and support: Our collaborative approach involves assessing current workflows, identifying improvements, and integrating tailored tech solutions to enhance patient outcomes and staff experiences. We offer comprehensive change management and training programmes for large scale digital transformations, working alongside teams to support change until new ways of working become business as usual.

3. Digital product development: We develop user-friendly digital tools that support:

  • Demand and capacity modelling.
  • Rapid evaluation and causal analysis.
  • Risk stratification and patient segmentation.
  • Productivity and finance planning.
  • Population Health Management.
  • Operational flow and Digital Command Centres.

Our work includes custom built tools, local adaption of national tools and integration of third-party tools. Our solutions integrate local and national datasets and predictive analytics to inform decision-making.

4. Data management and analytics: Collaborating with you, we design robust data architectures and embed modern data platforms that leverage secure cloud technology. Our strategies transform raw data into actionable insights, fostering a culture of data-driven decision-making at all organisational levels.

Our expert team

Ben Richardson

Kevin Atkin

Will Browne

Yemi Oviosu

To speak to one of our specialists about improving health systems to transform service delivery, contact us today.