Research, Policy and Evaluation

Shaping the policy environment through our data driven thought leadership

We understand the significant influence of policy and pubic opinion on the uptake of innovation, including factors such as marketing authorisation, cost-effectiveness, payor guidelines and reimbursement, prescriber behaviour and patient adherence. Our mission is to advocate for change, whether it involves transforming pathways or increasing access and adoption rates, to generate media and public interest to influence policy making and decisions in a way that enhances health and care and improves patient outcomes.

Our approach

We are committed to shaping health and social care trajectories within life sciences Industry and health systems through development of industry leading reports, engagement with key opinion leaders and development of digital solutions. Our award-winning approach actively engages in public debate, bringing key issues to the forefront and proposing innovative solutions. Leveraging our expertise in Data, Digital and AI we harness our access to patient-level data to prioritise research for public benefit. With established strong connections with think tanks and the media across health and policy domains, we collaborate regularly with public policy experts in health policy, health economics, healthcare value, spending, and ROI for the life sciences Industry. By identifying system pain points, burden of disease, and transformation opportunities we strive for maximum uptake and system-wide change to improve patient outcomes.

Our offer

Our pathway and policy thought leadership are developed into various formats, including:

We draw on our in-house clinical expertise across therapeutic areas especially cancer, cardiovascular disease, neurology, vaccines, and metabolic and rare diseases, and deep healthcare systems knowledge to craft impactful thought leadership on strategically critical issues for health systems. This plays a pivotal role in propelling pathway reform, fostering innovation, and driving transformative changes.

We closely coordinate with the media, with a proven track record of securing interest in influence thought leadership surrounding policy briefings and other impactful reports, for interviews and exclusives to secure coverage at the point of announcement.

Harnessing our award-winning data tools, unparalleled healthcare data access and data expertise, we generate powerful, data-driven insights in specific therapeutic areas and critical topics including health inequalities and population health management.

We use diverse formats to engage stakeholders at all levels. Our structured facilitation of advisory boards focuses on exploring innovations and their potential impact on the healthcare system. We use roundtables with key opinion leaders to examine healthcare system concerns and discuss strategies for effective resolution critical issues, like COVID-19 pandemic recovery and leveraging opportunities using data.

Webinars and podcasts serve as dynamic platforms for discussing various topics, ranging from access challenges in new healthcare systems to key insights. Our interactive sessions explore impactful themes such as health inequalities, opportunities in Population Health Management (PHM), and the experiences and challenges associated with innovation uptake.

Our expert team

Ben Richardson

Will Browne

Nour Mohanna

Caroline Pitt

Will Fryer

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