Collaborative working and development

Expert advice to support the right conditions for seamless integrated care

Across the UK, Integrated Care Systems are prioritising collaboration to meet population health needs at scale. This integrated approach delivers so much more for patients, but it also demands strong leadership, effective partnership working and supportive system and organisational cultures. Sometimes local areas require dedicated support to break away from siloed ways of working and to create the strategy, infrastructure and relationships needed for transformation.

Our approach

Using our specialist healthcare experience, CF helps clients create the right conditions for effective collaboration to take place. This includes partnering with systems to co-produce cost improvement plans, strategies and development programmes, or to align colleagues around a shared vision while enhancing trust, communication, and teamwork.

Engage our services to benefit from our:

  • Extensive experience working across Integrated Care Systems, place-based partnerships, provider collaboratives, provider organisations and teams within organisations – we’ve delivered for over 70% of ICSs and half of Trusts in the UK.
  • Best practice collaboration and partnership advice, based on proven processes that have worked in many other ICS areas.
  • Award-winning data science expertise and unmatched access to benchmark data.

Our offer

Our specialist consultancy focuses on fostering collaboration at the organisational and system level, and encouraging development at the team and individual level:

How we unlock system collaborative working

  1. Identifying strongest areas for collaboration
    We work with leaders to understand the baseline position in your system, making sure we give stakeholders a single version of the truth that ss evidence-based, patient-centred and sustainable. We then co-develop opportunities for collaboration that build on organisational strengths and unique characteristics.
  1. Prioritising where to start
    We partner with leaders to understand the benefits of collaboration for staff, patients, teams and organisations. We design an options appraisal that assesses and prioritises opportunities against what is important to your system, including patient safety, quality and efficiency.
  1. Setting future plans in motion
    We co-develop a transformation roadmap that looks to the future of your system. We know it’s critically important for teams to align with the vision of the roadmap, so we engage on the ground to achieve this. To reduce change fatigue, we detail the actions, timelines and owners for each stage of the roadmap, so everyone knows what is happening and when.

How we support individual and team development

Understanding how you currently work
To understand requirements, we talk to teams and observe how they currently work, their behaviours, and cultural environment. We also explore what your priorities and objectives are to make sure we personalise the programme to your end goal.

Identifying what needs to change to reach goals
Through comparing how teams currently work to priorities, we clarify what change is needed to achieve goals. We take care to test our findings with you to make sure our understanding of your challenges is comprehensive and accurate.

Design and deliver a development programme
We co-design a tailored development programme that aligns with your objectives. This can include bespoke training, coaching, goal setting, and more. Our work fosters skills around teamwork, leadership, communication, and cultural improvement.

  • Operating models
  • System strategy
  • System cost improvement programmes
  • Provider collaborative development
  • Place-based strategy and development
  • Operating models
  • System strategy
  • Case for collaboration
  • Appreciative inquiry
  • Clinical strategy
  • Merger support
  • Leadership development programme
  • Clinical and non-clinical leader support
  • Board development programme
  • Strategy development
  • Workshops on Direction, Alignment and Commitment (DAC model)
  • Supporting alignment on purpose, priorities, vision, and mission
  • ALS sessions
  • Bespoke training sessions e.g. team dynamics, building trust, team processes
  • Masterclasses e.g. digital, pathways, board development
  • Training programmes on building trust, communication, and teamwork
  • Individual coaching
  • Personal development plans
  • Goal setting

Our expert team

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Jo Andrews

Phil Livingstone

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Guy Cochrane

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