Financial sustainability and productivity

Specialist sustainability and productivity solutions to achieve financial recovery

Across the NHS, the challenges of inflation, increased staffing costs, and the removal of Covid-19 funding are exerting significant pressure. NHS health systems and trusts must successfully manage these financial strains against a backdrop of reoccurring winter pressures and an ever growing backlog of elective care. In this context, robust financial strategies and recovery plans, rooted in the stark realities of NHS operational demands, become not just beneficial, but absolutely critical.

CF specialises in providing financial recovery and productivity support tailored to integrated care boards, integrated care systems and NHS trusts. Our consultancy is not a one-size-fits-all approach – instead we provide highly specialist advice, meticulously crafted to meet the distinct needs of each client. This approach ensures solutions that are as unique as the challenges they address.

Our approach

Using our Catalyst methodology, we combine forensic accounting and operational skills to understand financial position drivers and to create solutions that release tangible savings. Our aim is to always maintain or improve health outcomes for local people while achieving this.

Our team of experts offer:

  • A deep understanding of NHS challenges rooted in extensive experience: we’ve worked with over 70% of Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) and half of NHS trusts in the UK.
  • In-depth NHS financial and operational knowledge: over 20% of CF’s workforce have a healthcare background, and 100% of CF’s finance practice hold accounting qualifications.
  • Data insights and benchmarking: we provide award-winning data science consulting and unmatched insights into benchmark data.
  • Financial sustainability thought leadership: our industry-leading advice is sought after by NHS executives nationwide.
  • Pragmatic problem-solving: Our approach is both pragmatic and empathetic, grounded in extensive experience.

Our offer

Rapid diagnostic: Led by qualified accountants, this rapid root cause diagnostic gets to the heart of what is driving demand and financial deficits. We combine our unrivalled access to national data with best practice insights, leveraging key intelligence from national benchmark data for acute and community services. Using our suite of financial productivity tools, we then identify opportunities for improvement.

Generation of savings initiatives: We generate a series of initiatives associated with opportunity areas, that help to realise savings and address the root cause of the deficits. These initiatives could be applicable at a trust, system or population level, and are grounded in operational reality.

Delivery support: We set you up for success with a holistic implementation plan. This includes the development of a delivery unit for realistic action plans, governance structures for ensuring accountability, and the development of key performance indicators and dashboards at a system and organisational level.

FS and Productivity Data-driven understanding and actions

Our financial sustainability and productivity offer applies our Catalyst methodology with forensic accounting skills, operational knowledge to plan why and how to change:

Understanding drivers and identifying opportunities

  • CF peer-finder benchmarking of current and historic performance
  • Single version of the truth on activity; income; pay; non-pay drivers
  • Engage leaders and staff to identify opportunities
  • CF innovations compendium support for ideas

Planning and setting up for success

  • Create drum beat to develop plans with triumvirate leaders
  • Critical friend approach to determine feasible and realistic action plans
  • Take account of current working pressures
  • Clarity on in-year and net impact, emphasising recurrent schemes

Tracking and delivering

  • Dashboards at system; organisation; divisional levels
  • Development of KPIs that can be tracked (quality; activity; finance)
  • Establish data-driven conversations using Deliverology approach
  • Support continued delivery and stretch opportunities

Training and upskilling of local teams

  • Joint working on the ground with PMO; QI; transformation teams
  • Skills build sessions for individuals and teams (delivery; leadership; project management; finance)
  • Team building (direction; alignment; commitment)
  • Action learning sets and coaching
  • Transition and handover planned upfront

Our expert team

Bev Evans

Phil Livingstone

Jack Rowlandson

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