We are delighted to announce that we have once again received recognition for our hard work and exceptional talent with five CF projects and individuals being selected as finalists for the 2023 MCA Awards. 

The MCA is the Management Consultancies Association which acts as the voice of the consulting industry and represents the UK’s leading management consultancy firms. Once again, there were a record number of entries this year and to be shortlisted for five awards is a proud achievement and recognition of the hard work our teams have put in to deliver long lasting solutions for our clients. 

In this year’s awards, we have been shortlisted for five different awards, both client projects and individual awards, including: 

Strategy with NHS Liverpool

Our strategic review and collaboration efforts in Liverpool’s have paved the way for improved quality, efficiency, and effectiveness in hospital-based clinical services. https://www.mca.org.uk/awards/finalists-2023/projects-2023/cf-with-nhs-liverpool 

Best Use of Thought Leadership with NHSConfed

Our groundbreaking analysis with NHS Confed on the economic value of NHS investment changed the conversation and contributed to securing ring-fenced funding. https://www.mca.org.uk/awards/finalists-2023/projects-2023/cf-with-nhs-confed 

Technology Consultant of the Year – Will Browne

His expertise in data science and collaborative approach has led to groundbreaking tech solutions for the NHS, addressing inequalities, evaluating initiatives, measuring health investment impact, and revamping the national workforce model; A true innovator making a difference. https://www.mca.org.uk/awards/finalists-2023/individuals-2023/will-browne-cf 

Thought Leader Consultant of the Year –Ben Richardson

His experience across healthcare and data has led to high impact thought leadership macroeconomics and health, health inequality and life sciences. https://www.mca.org.uk/awards/finalists-2023/individuals-2023/ben-richardson-cf 

Young Consultant of the Year – Rhys Thomson

With a passion for making a real impact in healthcare, Rhys has led transformative projects, from managing ICU capacity during COVID-19 to driving digital health services; His analytical skills and dedication are truly inspiring. https://www.mca.org.uk/awards/finalists-2023/individuals-2023/rhys-thomson-cf 

There were a record number of entries this year, so to be shortlisted for five awards is a proud achievement for our team and recognition of the hard work we put in to deliver long-lasting solutions for our clients. We are particularly thrilled that as an SME we’ve had this level of recognition compared with big firms.

“Having an impact on healthcare is our primary motivation. Having that impact recognised with two projects and three team members becoming finalists in the 2023 MCA Awards is a real honour. It is a mark of respect for the work that we do and the value it delivers our clients and I’m delighted to be celebrating that with the team.”

Hannah Farrar, CEO