On the 15th of June, the government published the 2023 NHS mandate, which sets out the objectives the NHS should seek to achieve. The mandate reiterates the priority of the government to reducing waiting lists and improving access to healthcare for patients, building upon the commitments of the NHS Long Term Plan.

This year’s mandate differs from previous years, with fewer targets set out to avoid putting additional strain on health systems. The report outlines three core objectives:

  1. Performance: Cut NHS waiting lists and recover performance
  2. Workforce: Support the workforce through training and retention, and modernise the way staff work
  3. Technology: Utilise data and technology to aid recovery

In addition to these objectives, the government mandates that the NHS should deliver financial balance every year, making cash releasing efficiency savings of at least 2.2% in 2023 to 2024.

Our latest snapshot provides a summary of the key points of the government’s mandate.