People experiencing homelessness can repeatedly encounter barriers when accessing healthcare, resulting in incredibly poor health outcomes. In partnership with Pathway, in this report we explore the invisibility of homelessness in NHS data, illustrating the real-life experiences individuals have, and breaking down these experiences into fundamental barriers in the system.

In the report, we also acknowledge the progress that has been made to date in standardising data fields and integration, and make further recommendations organisations should prioritise to make impactful changes to how the healthcare system responds to the needs of people experiencing homelessness.

Like all vulnerable groups, it is critical that people experiencing homelessness are represented in the data and that their complex needs are identifiable and visible to support focused initiatives. Whilst a lack of data must not be an excuse to abandon initiatives to support inclusion health, health planners must adequately understand the needs of all patient groups to provide the most appropriate care.

Read the full report here.

About Pathway and CF
Pathway is the UK’s leading homeless and inclusion health charity. They exist to improve the health of people experiencing homelessness and other dimensions of severe social exclusion.

CF has worked with Pathway since 2018, working with them across several projects and fundraising on behalf of the charity, and we are united in our aim to improve health inclusion. This is part of our continued commitment to delivering a societal impact that goes beyond our client work.